Dismantling work of the 4 storey milk drier inside the facility

Dismantling work of the 4 storey milk drier inside the facility

Work has been carried out over November and December 2015 (over a 9 weeks period). An external contractor from Ireland was requested to carry out the work in the French facility, according to the French local regulation. The work to be carried out by the contractor included the dismantling of a large four storey milk drier (and its ancillaries) built in the facility as well as isolation of all equipments.

We therefore assisted Dairygold Food Ingredients Ltd (DFI) in the following tasks:

  • Provide assistance regarding the Health and Safety requirements as described in the French Labour Code;
  • Provide assistance regarding the compliance with the Environmental Code;
  • Participation in project meetings and site audits with DFI, the contractor and the future owner of the site to discuss potential issues prior to the work;
  • Provide DFI with relevant guidance and advices regarding legal responsibilities for the work undertaken;
  • Regular on-site audits (1 to 2 audits per week);
  • Liaison and supervision of the contractor on site;
  • Assistance for specific site issues, such as the reinstatement of the fire water system, waste disposal, …
  • Reporting and advices to DFI H&S team…

No incident or accident were reported during the course of the work and the project was successfully delivered by the contractor on time. Work was fully carried out in English despite the site being in France.

indicated that:

I was dealing with Atmoterra as a company and also Adrien Bouzonville as an individual. Both were professional, flexible and very knowledgeable.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of this consultant and company as the project was complex in nature with potential issues at every turn. Adrien guided us in a practical way, allowing us to avoid any possible pitfalls in relation to local legal nuances that we, as non-nationals in France, would not have been aware of. Adrien not only provided consultation, he fulfilled an on-site auditing role and engaged with the contractors on our behalf.

I have no issues recommending the company or the individual and I will be using their services again if the need should ever arise.


As per our engagements, this project was Carbon Neutral : the tasks and activities required for us to complete the work resulted in a carbon footprint of around 141 kg CO2e (upper value considering the different uncertainties). This amount has been off-setted by the purchase of a Carbon Offset Certificate (a certificate for the offset of 1 ton CO2e, i.e. 7 times the project calculated footprint was provided to the client).