Climate Change

Adaptation to a changing world

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Atmoterra takes a multifaceted approach towards climate change mitigation and provide assistance to countries, local policy makers and businesses to integrate low-carbon and sustainability measures.

Using the best management practices and recommendations from the IPCC and UNFCCC, Atmoterra works at different scales to propose innovative solutions to reduce or prevent emission of greenhouse gases. This is achieved through sustainable engineering design, policy development, education and awareness development or the development and use of renewable energies.

Atmoterra develops integrated risk assessments and management plans to anticipate natural disasters and industrial accidents to allow governments, city councils or companies to be better prepared in case of crisis.

We also intervene for post-crisis environmental assessments of human health, natural resources or the environment. Atmoterra can be mobilized rapidly in various parts of the world in coordination with the international emergency response for the identification of acute environmental risks caused by conflicts, disasters and industrial accidents.
Atmoterra can also coordinate clean-up efforts, ecosystem restoration and sustainable reconstruction projects in sites damaged by conflicts and disasters (both natural or man-made).

Our services include:

  • Policy development;
  • Risk management plans;
  • Disaster risk reduction;
  • Vulnerability assessments;
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning;
  • Post Crisis Environmental Assessment;
  • Post Crisis Environmental Recovery;

Efforts to link climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction will enable more efficient and effective strategies

Mr Henrik Slotte, Chief of the United Nations Environment Programme (2013)