About Us

Who We Are

Who we are exactly ?

Created in 2014, Atmoterra is an young employee-owned and independent company providing innovative and sustainable consulting, design and construction services in various sectors.
Creative thinking is our solution to providing innovative ideas for your project utilising the latest scientific innovations to ensure compliance with international best practices.
We have a large range of technical skills which allows us to deliver any type of environmental project, with the support of other experts when required. We are known for ourcustomer-focused solutions, attention to detail and safety, highly skilled staff, and rapid response capabilities.

Benefiting from significant international experience in various countries across the World (e.g. France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia), Atmoterra is able to assist a large range of clients with a variety of high quality services.

From our headquarters in France, we are able to be mobilized anywhere in the world at short notice.

ATMOTERRA SAS is a private limited company with a capital of 7 000,00 EUR registered on the "Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés" (Trade and Companies Register) under number 820 330 314 RCS Nantes - linked with the activities code (APE) 7490B (specialised scientific and technical activities).

Our Mission

At Atmoterra, our values are key to ensuring environmental excellence and social responsibility in partnership with all stakeholders in order to deliver net long-term benefits to our clients, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strive hard and succeed in every project.
We work to attain goals which are a prelude to the path to perfection. We do not rest on our past laurels and are always looking at ways to innovate and improve our services.

We consider our clients as partners and we make everything possible to achieve their objectives and requirements.

Our Objectives

At Atmoterra we are driven by the challenges of our clients.
Our goals are not financially driven like many of our competitors.

At Atmoterra, we will distribute our profits to our employees and the local community.
At the end of every financial year, Atmoterra will reverse back donate not less than one percent (1%) of our revenues to non-profit organisations, the local community or directly to global non profit organisation such as 1% For The Planet which we have actively supported since our creation

Our Values

For us, our values are anchored in the way we work and live. They are not just blank random statements, we take practical measures every day to deliver our work according to these values, even if they reduce our net profit.
Find out more about our values here.

We respect your privacy and if you want, you can opt out of the website tracking system. Find out more here

We use free/libre/open-source software in all of our work, which provide many benefits for us and our clients. Find out more here

Our Commitments

Beyond our Company Policy, we take practical steps measures to demonstrate that we are committed to our values.
Our office is entirely powered using renewable energy (95% from hydraulic and 5% from solar, wind and biomass sources) from PlaneteOui
This website is hosted by Webarchitects, a sustainable and co-operative webhosting company, who are based in a datacenter which is 100% powered using renewable energy (from Good Energy). So, every time you visit this site, you contribute to the development of renewable energy!
Atmoterra is member of the organisation 1% For The Planet which means that we pledge to donate not less than one percent (1%) of our revenues to non-profit organizations with a focus on environmental causes and a successful track record
We also use low energy equipment where practicable, reduce physical transport by utilising teleconferencing (where appropriate), work in a virtually paperless offices, recycle all waste and invest in and support environmental ideas in the local community. We also encourage our employees to utilise low carbon footprint ways of getting to and from work.