Innovation and R&D

Innovation and creativity to assist sustainable business

Research and Innovation

Because Atmoterra believes that research topics and results from academic research are the solution of tomorrow's issues, we are committed to turn research results into new and better services to improve the quality of the services delivered to its clients.
Atmoterra benefits from the support of Universities and Research Institutes across the World who are leading high quality expert research in various environmental and technical subjects. We are able to mobilize this network of skilled experts to design and propose solutions which are adapted to the issues that our client are currently facing.
We therefore are able to propose innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions, compliant with the current international best practices.

We have experience in leading innovative studies and research applied for the industry or real case situations. Recent projects include:
  • Contamination assessment of vegetables and trees which growed on contaminated lands for over 40 years before the remediation works;
  • Assessment of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) performance for various waste matrix (sludge, steel dusts, recycled plastic waste...);
  • Innovative ambient air particulate sampling and elemental analysis;
There are no standard approach to solve a specific problem using innovative methods, however, we ensure that a robust and defensible scientific approach is followed :
  • Extensive litterature review (International Best Practices and Journal Articles);
  • Liaising with researchers and experts;
  • Review of the specific regulatory and corporate requirements;
  • Liaison with regulatory authority of required;
  • Selection of innovative measures which could be appropriate;
  • Cost-Benefit assessment;
  • Assistance for research grants and fundings;
  • Design and supervision of pilot studies (mesocosm or in-situ);
  • Resource Consent or Permit Application ;
  • Application of the appropriate solution on site ;
  • Management and tuning of the performance ;
  • Communication assistance (public, corporate, media);
  • Project valuation;
  • Scientific publication (Journal Articles, Conferences, website...)

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