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ATMOTERRA SAS is a private limited company with a capital of 7 000,00 EUR, registered in Nantes (France) with the followings:
Registered on the "Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés" (Trade and Companies Register) under number 820 330 314 RCS Nantes
Main activity (APE) 7490B - Activités spécialisées, scientifiques et techniques diverses (specialised scientific and technical activities)

Terms of Use

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The windfarm photo from the home page was kindly provided by Tony Zech from www.zech-photo.de

Atmoterra would like to thank and acknowledge the authors of the following photos, kindly provided under Creative Commons license :
Black industrial plume over the blue sky by Taras Kalapun;
Paper factory, Pitea, Norrbotten, Sweden by Michael Caven;
Three stacks by Owen Byrne;
Oil spill on wet soil by Julie Gibbons;
Industrial site by night by Jorge Franganillo;
Accident in the Gibraltar Oil Depot by Jonathan Perera;
Smile of the Adversity by Dhilung Kirat;
Flooded sign in the Mississipi river by Kelly Sikkema;
Landscape used for the Global Compact Article by Jamesthefirst;
Engineers on a construction site U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District;