Industrial risk management

Managing risks for a sustainable and durable activity

Industrial risk management, Occupational Health and Safety

Industries and businesses must deal with their own unique set of risks, whether it is natural, man-made or operational, as part of their daily operations.
An effective risk management system needs to offer solutions tailored not only to the business, but also to the specific company policy and the sectors in which it operates whether those requirements are regional, national or international.

Atmoterra provides services that help our industrial clients manage their risk in a prioritized manner. Risk judgements are then communicated effectively to the affected stakeholders including the general public the regulatory authority and the employees or the shareholders.
Amoterra can also help design an overall risk management system or conduct a specific audit of your installation. Our experience in various industries and associated processes enables us to to identify hazards associated with the operations or the products of a particular business. With this understanding, we are then able to propose advanced and innovative technical solutions to avoid or mitigate the potential damage.

Our services include:

  • Compliance Audits;
  • Industrial Risk Assessment (Specific Risk Studies or Management Plans);
  • Emergency Management Plan;
  • Climate change and natural disaster adaptation;
  • Vulnerability assessment;
  • Modelling of industrial accidents (e.g. BLEVE, UVCE, toxic release..);
  • Review of Environmental Management Systems (EMS);
  • Workplace Health and Safety (e.g. exposure to contaminants, ATEX...);
  • Employees training.

Risk management can save lives, avert damages, and unleash opportunities

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