Climate Chance is the regular global event for all non-state actors committed to fighting climate change. The first edition of Climate Chance will take place in Nantes from 26 to 28 September at La Cité, the Nantes Congress Centre

On this occasion, ATMOTERRA participates and coordinates with LOCEAN-IPSL the workshop “Participatory planning for climate change adaptation” on the 26th of September 2016 around the following topic:

Define appropriate politics and strategies encompassing the specific vulnerability of the territories and  considering the involvement of the various actors

The speakers of this workshop are :

  • Cécile Vivien, Project manager Africa4Climate – Expertise France
  • Nicolas Drunet, Manager of the climate and natural resource management – Expertise France, Director of the Africa4Climate project
  • COURDAVAULT Lionel, SM SCOT Grand Douaisis, President
  • LECLERCQ Capucine, SM SCOT Grand Douaisis, Project manager in Energy and Climate
  • Mélinda Noblet, CURAPP, Sociologist
  • Adrien Bouzonville, Manager and Consultant, ATMOTERRA
  • Blandine L’Hévéder, Oceanographer & Meteorologist, LOCEAN-IPSL
  • Vítor Aleixo, President of the Loulé city in Portugal (with Lidia Terra and Inês Rafael)

To attend this workshop, register for the Climate Chance summit on the website, “registration” heading

Looking forward to seeing you at the summit

Climate Chance: concrete actions from civil society

Local authorities, businesses, associations, trade unions, scientific organisations and citizens from all countries are in the first line in the fight against climate change. This summit will be for them the chance to draw a picture of the state of action worldwide, to deepen the discussions on the successes and difficulties and to promote the pooling of experience and innovations, with the aim of highlighting the opportunities that arise from this resolute fight.

Climate Chance aims to become a regular event for the representatives of organised civil society involved daily in the fight against climate change, and will welcome participants from all over the world. This event will focus their mobilisation and contribute to consolidating their commitments over the long term, as it is through concrete actions carried by these actors that States will be able to meet the commitments made during the COP21.

Recognised for its commitment on climatic and environmental issues, with a dynamic local eco-system in this area, Nantes Métropole decided to create the first edition of Climate Chance. A global issue such as the climate question calls for local actions – the Métropole intends to create synergies between non-state actors worldwide, and thus support the success of this first edition, and perpetuate the event.


In the programme:

  • 6 plenary sessions : To explore the essential subjects in more depth by bringing together all the Climate Chance participants around the key climate challenges
  • 18 forums : To take stock of the progress by different actor coalitions based on thematic coalitions and on high-level participative dialogue
  • More than 65 workshops from the call for contributions: to draw a picture of the state of action worldwide

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