At the General Meeting of the Global Compact France, we were pleased to receive the 2017 Trophy for the Best Communication on Progress, in the category of companies with fewer than 10 employees, across all sectors. This trophy rewards the commitments made by ATMOTERRA since its creation as well as the quality of its reporting.

ATMOTERRA has been a member of the Global Compact since 2014, an initiative launched in 2000 by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.
It brings together businesses, UN agencies, corporate and civil society, around ten universal principles relating to human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

The signing of the Global Compact is a voluntary initiative on the part of companies.

This year, the jury of experts, chaired by Geneviève JEAN-VAN ROSSUM, Special Representative in charge of Bioethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, unanimously awarded :

Best Communication on Progress (COP) of a “Micro-company (less than 10 employees)” attributed to ATMOTERRA

Presentation of the Best Communication Award by Geneviève JEAN-VAN ROSSUM, Special Representative in charge of Bioethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Jean-Pascal TRICOIRE, President and CEO, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Ms Geneviève JEAN-VAN ROSSUM, Special Representative for Bioethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, highlighted:

« The winner is … Atmoterra, with a COP of great quality with regard to the size of the company! This reflects the seriousness of Atmoterra in its integration of the ten principles, in particular international labor standards and the environment. Real effort on the indicators of the objectives to be reached in 2018 and 2020.»

The jury wished to welcome the quality of our first COP as well as the following aspects:

The issues of international labor and environmental standards were particularly well addressed. […]

The COP is synthetic, coherent and allows to measure a path accomplished. […]

Were particularly appreciated :

  • Participation in the “1% for the Planet” movement;
  • The excellent integration of environmental issues
  • and seriousness on the creation of appropriate indicators, with targets to be achieved in 2018 and 2020;
  • Setting a carbon price;
  • The binding ethical charter for suppliers […]

COP ATMOTERRA 2016 - Télécharger le PDF

COP ATMOTERRA 2016 – Dowload the PDF

You can find our first Communication on Progress (COP), summarizing our commitments and defining our objectives for the coming years.

We appreciate your feedback on our commitments and documents. Do not hesitate to send us your comments so that we can continue to improve.

Our COP is also available on the Global Compact France website.

The Jury and the Global Compact France congratulate all participants for the quality of the COP submitted and encourages the member organizations to submit their candidature for the next edition.
Together with Mrs Geneviève JEAN-VAN ROSSUM, the Jury was composed of:

  • Salima BENHAMOU, Economist, General Commissariat for Strategy and Prospective / Prime Minister’s Office, France Strategy;
  • Fabrice BONNIFET, Director of Sustainable Development & QSE of the Bouygues Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sustainable Development (C3D);
  • Thaïs BOUVE, Sustainable Development Mission Officer, Douai School of Mines, Laureate Category “COE” – Non-profit organizations of the 2016 Trophies of the best communications;
  • Luc CARRIÈRE, Environment Manager, Mane, Laureate Category “ETI (from 501 to 4,999 employees)” of the 2016 Trophies of the best communications;
  • Margaux CHARPENTIER, CSR reporting manager, Caisse des Dépôts, Laureate Category “GC Advanced” of the 2016 Trophies of the best communications
  • Jean-Eric FOURNIER, Director of Sustainable Development, Foncière des Régions, Laureate Category “Company of 11 to 500 employees” of the 2016 Trophies of the best communications;
  • Christophe LEFÈVRE, National Secretary – Europe and international – CFE CGC;
  • Céline ROCHE, Communications Officer of the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights
  • Agathe SARIOGLAN, Commercial center, Scoping, Prize-winner “First COP” category of the 2016 Trophies of the best communications .

Global Compact France recalls that all the COPs and COEs of the participants of the UN Global Compact are public on the site We invite you to consult in this database the communications published by country, sector or year And inspire you.

The winners of the 2017 Best Communications Awards are:

Group photo of all the winners of the 2017 edition

  • Best «First COP»: Crédit Mutuel Arkéa
    Best COP of a “Micro-company (less than 10 employees)”: Atmoterra
    Best COP of a “Company with 11 to 500 employees”: Extend
    Best COP of an “ETI (from 501 to 4,999 employees)”: Paprec
    Best COP of a “Large Enterprise (more than 5,000 employees)”: MAIF
    Best COP “GC Advanced”: Groupe La Poste
    Best WCC of a Not-for-Profit Organization: EPF School of Engineering-e-s

To find out more about the awarded :

Read the press release: GlobalCompact-ATMOTERRA-CommuniquedePresseTrophees

What is the UN Global Compact?

The UN Global Compact brings together companies, organizations, UN agencies, the world of work and civil society around ten universally accepted principles to build more stable and inclusive societies.
The Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative with more than 14,000 participants in 170 countries, and is a voluntary framework, an international repository, a platform for action and exchange.
As the official local relay in France, the Global Compact France brings together more than 1,200 companies and nearly 100 non-profit organizations. The Global Compact France offers to all types of companies and non-profit organizations a stimulating exchange place to initiate, develop and share their approaches to social responsibility.
The Global Compact is the starting point for any organization seeking to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs) adopted in September 2015 by the UN. These goals offer a universal agenda to be achieved in order to build a better world. They require a multiplication of corporate commitments, causing profound changes in both companies and markets, thus demonstrating that sustainability and value creation go hand in hand.
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